10 Random Facts I Learned Doing Research on Atlanta Braves’ Outfields


In the process of putting together my article on the best outfields in Atlanta Braves’ history, I came across some interesting information.  These facts did not really fit into the other blog, so I just included them in a post here.  Enjoy!

1) The average WAR of Atlanta Braves’ outfields, all-time, is 9.1.

2) The worst outfield in Atlanta Braves’ history was 1977’s crew, which featured Gary Matthews Sr., Rowland Office and Jeff Burroughs. Burroughs mashed 41 home runs had had a .882 OPS, but defensively, the right fielder proved terrible, being worth negative 3.4 WAR and committing seven errors.

3) After Hank Aaron’s last year in Atlanta, 1974, Atlanta outfields did not have a combined WAR of over 10 until 1987.  That year, Dale Murphy proved worth 7.4 wins all by himself, with the total being 11.3.

4) I mentioned, in my list, the highest win total for the outfields of the Braves run of 14 straight division titles, the 2002 outfield of Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones and Gary Sheffield.  The lowest….the 1991 squad, which proved only worth 5.1 wins.  That is even lower than the strike shortened 1994 team, which had a WAR of 5.5.  The 1991 outfield included Ron Gant, David Justice, Lonnie Smith and Otis Nixon

5) Braves fans may want to forget the dreadful 2008 outfield.  This group, which only complied a WAR of 2.8 featured Gregor Blanco, Mark Kotsay and Jeff Francouer.  Other who got some playing time included Matt Diaz and Brandon Jones.

6) 2010’s outfield compiled  a WAR of 7.1.  Jason Heyward accounted for 6.3 of those wins, or 89 percent.

7) Someone asked me about how the outfields of the early 90s performed.  Well, only the 1993 team is really worth mentioning.  That years, Ron Gant and David Justice put together fantastic years, with solid contributions from Otis Nixon, for a combined WAR of 14.2, good enough for the sixth best Braves outfield of all time.

8) Between 1966 and 1973, the Braves only had one year, 1972, where the combined outfield WAR was not over 10. Between 1974 and 1986, they only did not have a single outfield with a combined WAR of 10.

9) The average WAR of the outfields of the 1991-2005 Braves was 10.9.

10) Lest we forget 2008’s outfield, once again, which had a WAR of 2.8 and featured such offensive bombshells as Mark Kotsay, Gregor Blanco and Jeff Francouer.  There’s also 2009’s opening day starting outfield which consisted of Garret Anderson, Jordan Schafer and Jeff Francouer.  I say those two to say, we can all be very happy with what we’ve got.  We’ve been through some hard times.


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