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Dream Theater and the Dark Side of Musical Obsession

Obsession is a dangerous beast.  I am too much of a macho shithead to ever visit a shrink, though if I did, I know they would tell me I have some issues.  You see, I have an obsession.  That obsession … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Insight into the Phases of Deployed Desperation

    There are many feelings you discover upon spending a year in Afghanistan.  There’s the depression that can only be felt when you’re forcibly separated from your loved ones.  There’s the sadness in seeing a country ripped apart by … Continue reading

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First Impressions – Helloween – Straight Out of Hell

  And so continues a new segment, in which I will listen to an album for the first time and give my impressions of said album as I go through.  I will provide background information, a track by track review … Continue reading

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Four Forgotten Sports Teams

  In the day and age of the 24 hour news cycle, which encapsulates the world of sports, just as it does the news media, it is a wonder that we would ever miss anything.  It would seem that no … Continue reading

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